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Has Jack Reacher reached Leeds? - 30/01/13

Leeds based Self Defence School, ‘WT Leeds’ is now teaching the personal protection system used by stars in Hollywood blockbuster films.

WT Leeds teaches self-defence techniques used by stars such as Tom Cruise in the latest popular action adventure ‘Jack Reacher’ and Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’. These techniques have seen a marked increase in popularity in line with film releases and the success of the last James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ also prompted many people to learn what is commonly called ‘street defence’ for the first time.

Barry Wells, Coaching Director at WT Leeds explains, “More and more people are turning to WingTsun to help protect themselves and families.”

Student Phil Anderton, has been training with WT Leeds now for over a year and thoroughly enjoys the classes. He says, “Even though I am not a well built guy, I have found out that I don't need to be to defend myself. Using our system I can manipulate peoples attacks to their disadvantage. My confidence has grown, which will keep me safe in an unpredictable world.”

WingTsun is a self defence system originating from China that focuses on economy of motion and effective techniques, brought out or China by the late Bruce Lee.

WingTsun classes are suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities and take place at our full time location on Roseville Road. Classes take place all through the week and anyone interested in trying a free taster session should contact WT Leeds on 07979 206757 or direct for further details.

Halloween Party! - 03/11/12

Scary times at the Leeds school on the 3rd of November as the school sees it's first Halloween Party for both the kids and the adults!

We spent several hours decorating the school, putting up cobwebs, spiders, witches, spiralling snakes and other spooky items. Spider eggs, made from paper Mache and filled with sweets, were hung from the ceiling ready for a spooky piñata.

The children were split into groups and took turns at the different games that the school had. Traditional apple bobbing, with each child trying their hardest to fish apples out of a water filled container! There was also a game of what's the time Mr Ninja, or more commonly known as "What's the time Mr Wolf"!

The spider egg piñata, involved the kids using their Escrima sticks to burst open the home made spider eggs, so they could get to the sweets inside! Great fun!

Greg Holroyd was performing some magic tricks, definitely some of the most amazing magic tricks that I have witnessed 1st hand. Ranging from simple card tricks to swallowing some cotton, only to have it re-appear from his eyelid!

The whole event lasted 2 hours and at the end, prizes were handed out for the best fancy dress. Congratulations Mr Gilboy! Very spooky! There was also a prize for the best colouring of an oversided pumpkin!

The adults Halloween party was a movie night, a showing of Ip Man and The Raid. The tone set that if you could hear the word "sifu" being mentioned you had to take a a mouthful of your drink. An interesting drinking game for the students, made even more funny for me not drinking!

I would like to give thanks to those that made the day possible; the parents that brought their kids, Ben, Adrian, James and John for helping get the school set up and looking very impressive, as well as leading the games. Also, to Greg Holroyd for making the evening more magical!